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Experience a totally explosive game in the new tower defense game in the WWI setting! Now you have more opportunities, more weapons and tactical skills. Destroy the enemy, defend your base and feel real atmosphere of war was born. Lead your army victory by any means! Put your defense and strategic skills in tournament mode the ultimate test! Protect your base from endless waves of enemies and your facebook friends in the weekly tournament competition! Survive as long as you can play! Absolutely cool features to explore: Reproduce the atmosphere of World War I - More than 90 thrilling war tasks in different worlds 4 facts upgrade weapons 24 There are 9 different enemy combatants At one time the world without any additional cost facebook and twitter integration 4 cool new features: * Repairman. Now the tower can be repaired, if not for your help! *resurrection. Restore the bell tower and fight! *extrusion. Help your army, join the battle yourself! Pumpkin enemy with your finger! * Protect barrage. Protect your base. Shockwave smash the enemy!


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