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Carna Life System can be used to save, view and interpret ECG tests, as well as to record blood glucose levels, weight, blood pressure, temperature measured with external telemedical device. The main use of this module is cardiac diagnostics. The second most important function is the possibility to verify the results of patients' tests in near real time. This allows a doctor to continually diagnose patients and monitor their sugar level, blood pressure, fever or hypothermia, atrial fibrillation. He or she receives alarms for life-threatening events (ecg events) in the application. The thing that sets apart the Carna Life System module from Carna Life Pro is the possibility to manage system users and internal facilities. This allows the system administrator to assign patients and physicians to individual facilities or departments in a medical facility and set their roles. Some types of tests are not measured by external devices not equipped with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or GSM, and their results can be manually entered as attachments or by filling in a form. These include among other things: blood morphology, cholesterol, spirometry, urinalysis, computed tomography. This module is intended for adults. The system ensures the creation of user roles hence: - An administrator, patient registrar – a user does not need to have medical education - A technician, physician - a user must have medical education

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