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The Cricut Explore Air is The ultimate machine for home craft projects. Your perfect entry point to the world of precision crafting. It will precision cut a host of different products from Vinyl to Balsa Wood and even Leather. This fantastic machine has a few secrets to learn to enable you to get the very best out of it and this app has some 544 Easy To Follow Video Guides to make your learning experience as quick and easy as possible. There are also many great ideas included that will inspire your creations. Videos include: DIY PERSONAL Moby Wrap For a baby gift DIY Disney Wine Glasses With Your Cricut Explore Air DIY Mickey Mouse Savings Jar What is a Cricut and what does it do DIY Mickey Mouse Washer Necklaces - CRICUT TOTURIAL DIY Disney Couple Pillows - CRICUT TUTORIAL How to make money with the Cricut Explore Air DIY Custom Name Street Signs with the Cricut DIY Glass Etching with CRICUT STENCIL VINYL DIY Vinyl Laptop Decals With the CRICUT EXPLORE AIR How to Use SnapMat in Design Space APP How To Calligraphy Hand Lettering for Beginners Easy Ways to Change Up Your Writing Style How to use DESIGN SPACE on the IPAD So you bought a Cricut NOW WHAT Straight from the box DIY Phone Number Bracelets for Disneyland How to use HEAT AND BOND with the Cricut TOP 12 Questions Asked about The CRICUT How to get started with the Procreate app for beginners How to Use the SLICE TOOL in Design Space DIY Dingle Hopper Towel Rack - THE LITTLE MERMAID How to use FREEZER PAPER with the Cricut SUPER Easy Planner Dividers with the Cricut Explore Air DESIGN SPACE Phone App 101 - HOW TO How To Use Printable Vinyl with Your Cricut DIY Disneyland shirts for BFFs or Sisters CRICUT TUTORIAL How to use Cricut design space How to use CRICUTs NEW Patterned Iron On How to Reverse Weed and Use Stencil Material to Paint with the Cricut Dry Shampoo Your Braids or Twist How to Tell Real Diamonds from Fake HAIR BREAKAGE USE THIS The New Icon - Working with Design Space - Tutorials for Beginners Cricut Design Space for Beginners The Images Icon - Working with Design Space - Tutorials for Beginners LAZY MANS CHICKEN AND RICEMY FIRST TIME Working with Text and Fonts in Cricut Design Space - Beginners Guide Woman Wears 13 Ring For 30 Years Looks Again And Realizes Shes A Millionaire Dollar Tree Vinyl Does it work 7 Cricut Hacks You Can Use TODAY How To Find And Use Patterns In Cricut Design Space 2019 Cricut Design Space For Beginners 2019 EASY How To Upload An Image To Cricut Design Space Upload An Image From Google To Design Space 2019 DIY Envelope Stickers With Cricut Print Then Cut Easy 2019 How To Use Slice In Cricut Design Space When To Use Group Or Attach In Design Space For Beginners How To Make A Card In Design Space Using Patterns And Layers 2019

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