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Play classic online agar game enhanced with power ups, meme skins and achievements focused on team game. The game has two new modes dedicated for team - splatoon and soccer mode. You can create your team in FFA mode and cooperate with your friends on the map! Eat other players and cheat them by using powerups Game modes: * Agrio deathmatch and team mode - eat smaller dots and run from bigger dots * Splatoon mode - paint area on the map with your blobs * Soccer mode - push ball and shoot goals with your dots like in rocket league Some tips and tricks: * hack other players by pushing viruses into them * push other players when having shield power up into virus * feed viruses with bombs and poison to make another one * push other players into your friend with virus * help players in your teams by pushing poison to enemies * ... and lot lo more hacks and possibilities! :) Power ups: * explosion - push other blobs around * bomb - when hit enemy player, you can steal some mass * poison - slow enemy cells * boost - short speed up * shield - nobody can eat you or use power up on you Other features: * create agario private server and play with friend * press power up button when no power up to make sound * relaxing ambient music * two types of control - classic argario joystick and tap place on the map to go there In the next release: * At this moment we are preparing new team slither mode for you. You will be a snake and you will block other snakes with your team. * Diepio mode: shoot other balls and pick mass they dropped * Assault mode: push bomb into other team base * more maps for splatoon mode Game have 4 servers on different continents to provide lags free gameplay. If server is currently empty, you can play with bots. Recommended for people who love slither, agar, diepio, nebulous or similar massive multiplayer action games. Game requires good connection with the internet. Good luck and let doge be proud of you!

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Version 1.4: now you can team up with other players in FFA mode!


  • Achievements , power ups, team play, slither, skins,

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Kacper Gorski


Kacper Gorski

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19,2 MB

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