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Powerful program to quickly find and remove duplicate files from your device and OneDrive cloud storage. Duplicate Cleaner Tool helps you find and remove thousands of duplicates quickly with just a few clicks. All of the powerful tools including filters, comparison options and selection assistance are available to give you more control. This is the most comprehensive duplicate cleaner available on the Store, best for both basic and advanced users. It works fast, uses little amount of system resources and have a pleasing user interface. You'll enjoy using this program to clean your storage. By default, the app compares duplicates by their finger print for 100% accuracy. Comparing by size, name, modified date and also containing folder are available as faster alternatives. Multiple filters allow you to only look for certain type of files or files within a certain size or modified date to speed up the process. Preview tool shows you thumbnail image and key properties of each duplicate file before attempting to delete. You'll be confident and won't delete anything that you need thanks to this feature. Selection Assistant saves you a lot of time by selecting thousands of duplicates in a single click. You can choose to compare folder, date, size or name to select duplicates in each group. You won't find this poweful tool in any other app on the Store. Once you are done, the app brings you a complete report of what has been done, you can export the report to a CSV file for further uses. Other features include: simultaneous scan, excluding folders, deep/shallow scanning, deleting to recycle bin and exuding zero file sizes.

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