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※Free Trial limited to core fighter “Adam”, including first character customization slot. Purchase of full version unlocks all content. Introducing the game that builds a little nest in your brain that no amount of meds can fix. The battle between the body and the psyche… That is the Psychomachia! • Explosive multiplayer fighting game featuring plenty of personality and intense character creation, with a full musical score by legendary composer Kevin MacLeod. • Fighting fans assemble! Everything you know and love is here, from lightning-fast combos to easy-input supers. Trade blows and unleash your devastating Ultra attack. • Choose from 15 core fighters, each with his or her own unique fighting style––martial artists, swordmasters, gunners, speedsters, grapplers, hulks––or go with your very own original custom character creation. • Full Roster Control: In addition to the full character creation mode, the 15 core fighters can be customized, even renamed, to make them all your own. • Let your inner character artist break free with a fully-featured custom character creation mode, boasting a total of 10 male slots and 10 female slots. • Outfit your team by selecting from a hefty assortment of bodies, faces, hairstyles, clothing, armor, weapons, style-specific items, and more. • Each character and style earns its own XP, good towards unlocking a host of content to keep the action going strong, including new character-specific pieces for your player portrait. • Fists aren’t the only things flying here! Enjoy hundreds of hilarious pre-game and post-game quips dished out between the characters and by the in-game commentator. Hear what critics that are us are calling… “the greatest game ever created”: “This is maybe by far the greatest game ever created.” ––the company that made this game “If you play only one game this year, there’s something terribly wrong with you.” ––similar to something said by the band ‘They Might Be Giants’ “It’s like Capcom and SquareEnix had an illegitimate child that grew up to be a failed NFL star/psychologist in rehab.” ––one of our roommates from college “It’s okay.” ––IGN (‘Imitation Gaming Network’––not THAT IGN) Suit up and join the fray… of EternaL Psychomachia!

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