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Celestial navigation has never been easier! With ezAlmanac and a sextant you will be finding your fix like a pro in no time! ezAlmanac will help you perform celestial navigation exactly as it has been done for hundreds of years. It produces all Nautical Almanac (1961-2059) and Pub. 229 tables exactly as you are used to seeing them in the printed form. All tables can be accessed directly for manual usage if you choose to do so. Since they are produced by the software they support zooming and panning, and you can highlight in the tables to easily find the correct value to use. Most users, however, will prefer to let ezAlmanac do all of the work. Simply enter the basic sight parameters, make and enter your observations, and ezAlmanac will do the rest. It performs all of the steps to correct your observation, find GP of the object, do the sight reduction, and plot the LOP. No steps are skipped and all details are shown. Click where the LOPs cross in the plot and you have found your fix! Besides finding your fix, ezAlmanac is one of the best tools available to perform compass checks from a bearing observation of one of the navigational bodies. The compass check function supports checking up to 5 devices from a single bearing observation. ezAlmanac will also create a report of your compass check that can be saved as a PDF file or printed for the ships records. Celestial navigation instructors love ezAlmanac because it does celestial navigation exactly as they teach it. Values obtained from the Nautical Almanac and Pub. 229 are clearly identified with an icon of the book. When you press the book icon you are taken to the page that has that value with the row, column and value highlighted. Even when ezAlmanac is doing all the work, it can teach you how to do it manually using the books. For manual celestial navigation you can generate and print Nautical Almanac pages to use as a backup on a passage. You can even print the sight reduction forms and plotting sheets you will need. ezAlmanac performs all astronomical calculations using the NOVAS 3.1 software from the US Naval Observatory (USNO) and a JPL ephemeris that covers the years 1961 through 2059. It also implements WMM2015v2, the latest World Magnetic Model software available from NOAA, to compute magnetic declination. Since all calculations are performed in the software, ezAlmanac is fully functional with no dependency on the internet. ezAlmanac has been a favorite for iPad users for more than 8 years and it is now available for Windows 10!

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