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★★★★ For Windows Phone 8 ★★★★ Fuse is a rich newsreader designed exclusively for your Windows Phone Browse all your favorites feeds in a beautifully designed app. Featuring 3 unique and attractive themes and lightning-fast performance, Fuse will be your ideal and indispensable companion for your windows phone Download all articles to read them offline ! ★★★★★ Features ★★★★★ - live tiles - in-app youtube video player - lock rotation - Add your rss feeds and youtube channels - Google Reader integration - Group your feeds in categories - instapaper & pocket - unified feeds : add your google reader feeds from a category as an unique feeds ! - easily manage and sort your feeds *** Work Offline Fuse allows you to use the app even when there is no internet connection. All data and images are stored by the application so you can download feeds online and use those later when you are offline. *** Three Applications In One Fuse has three unique themes for three different user experiences. - Ribbon : displays your feeds in the form of ribbons, for direct access to information - Ipsum : a clear and clean theme based on typography, use gestures to manipulate news - Square : a dynamic and unique theme. Retrieve your news on the move with an unique and visual experience

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Rudy Huyn

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