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Intended for health professionals such as medical, nursing and physiotherapy students, medical professionals, nurses and physiotherapists, Gaso is an application aimed at complementing the study of acid-base disorders and of oxygenation and ventilation in clinical practice, allowing not only the analysis of the disturbances, but also suggesting the presence of this or that acid abnormality, has a panel that generates several calculations (which often take time) allowing the user a more comprehensive view of the disorders and therefore a better understanding of them. Through an intuitive interface the user can insert the data of a gasometry sample, edit them, can also insert a sample with fictitious values ​​and evaluate the trends of the calculated parameters correlating with what is taught in the bibliographical references on the subject. It has an algorithm of acid-base interpretation based on consecrated books of nephrology and emergency according to the physiological approach of the acidobasic disorders, that already takes into account diverse details and aspects that influence in the final interpretation of the disturbances as the correction of the gap anion for the concentration of albumin or correction of sodium concentration for glycemia. Contains no ads. - Access to the oxygenation page can be purchased as a supplement, and is not part of the free version - Access to the illustrations page can be purchased as a complement, and is not part of the free version - Access to the print function can be purchased as a complement, and is not part of the free version.

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Sérgio Henrique O. Santos


Sérgio Henrique O. Santos

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LICENSE AGREEMENT 1. ACCEPTANCE 1.1 When acquiring the Gaso application whether in its evaluation versions or in the full version, the user is accepting and agreeing with all the content defined in this license term. 2. OF THE USE 2.1 The present application will be used for strictly educational purposes and should be used only as a complement to the diagnostic study of acid-base disorders. 2.2 The application should never be used to diagnose the presence of acid-base disorders in isolation and without verification of the results by methods already established in the academic and scientific environment and without judicious clinical evaluation. 2.3 All results obtained from the program should be considered together with rigorous clinical evaluation. 2.4 The author exempts itself from any eventuality arising from the use of the application outside the one defined in item 2.1. 2.5 The user is not exempt from searching in the best references about the subject updates on the topic dealt with in the application. 3. VERSIONS AND COMPLEMENTS 3.1 The application will be available in the evaluation version that will last for seven days and it will stop working after this period. 3.2 The application will be available in the full version that has no duration limit after the acquisition. 3.3 The purchase of the full version does not include the purchase of the supplements, which if desired must be purchased separately. 4. UPDATES AND IMPROVEMENT OF THE APPLICATION 4.1 The application may be updated at any time without notice. 4.2 New features may be included and other features modified or removed. 4.3 New features may be included as final part of the application, ie if additional costs to the user, or in the form of add-ins that should be purchased if desired. 4.4 There may be data loss after an upgrade. 4.5 Interpretation algorithms may change due to the publication of new knowledge on the subject.

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