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Turn your Windows Phone to a full-featured hand held GPS device with this App. Designed for navigation, finding directions and planning outdoor activities or at sea. Suitable for work with paper charts and plans even beyond WGS84. • Navigation and guidance using waypoints, routes and tracks • Street routing functions: create route to waypoint, add street routing to existing route • Continuously record your path as a track and follow a previously recorded track forward or backward • Set waypoints and create routes using the online map or enter coordinates in various formats • More than 10 coordinate systems and formats, many common variations and local grids (geodetic, UTM/UPS, GEOREF, MGRS, USNG…). The list is continuously expanding. • Select an appropriate map datum from a list containing more than 100 entries • Various unit systems (metric, imperial, nautical) • UTC or local times • Great circle navigation with precise bearing and distance calculations • Navigational data include graphical direction, velocity-made-good (VMG), remaining distance and time-to-go, estimated time for arrival (ETA) and cross-track-error (XTE) • Interactive simulation mode • Many map modes like Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap, OpenSeaMap, USGS... Most of them also usable without internet connection • Data transfer to/from OneDrive based on GPX-Files, import/export way points, routes and tracks (not in trial version!) Use the free trial version to test this app on your device.

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