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Grid Force is a grid-based bullet-hell RPG with a diverse cast, lightning-fast combat, and a deep story that adapts to your choices. Conquer the grid in fast-paced real-time combat, launch devastating attacks at your enemies, reflect their own back at them, and quick-swap between your roster of heroines to maintain an edge in battle. Guide Donna on her journey through the world of Gora, make tough choices that change the course of her story, take down the goddesses, and save the future.

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  • Frenetic REAL TIME battles mixing Action RPG and Strategy elements to create a unique and fresh new experience
  • Meet powerful heroines in the vast world of Gora and do everything in your power to recruit them
  • Fight the Goddesses of the world and steal their masks. Use the power of the masks against your opponent to gain devastating advantages
  • Collect sigils and spend them to level up your characters and unlock powerful skill. Sigils are a scarce resource, use them wisely and build the ultimate team
  • There are many ways to navigate the world of Gora, your actions will lock or unlock certain paths and the possibility to meet new heroines
  • Engage in a compelling story told with a mix of manga style comics and in-game dialogues

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Playtra Games


Playtra Games

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