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The app provides the function to scale selected pictures as required in order to send them via email or share them with other apps. Thereby pictures are transmitted directly from the app so that you don't need to store them beforehand. Now available for all desktop devices (e.g. Surface) Features: - Send pictures as attachments in emails - Select pictures with "Share" function in context menu - Select multiple pictures at once - Decide how pictures are scaled - Summed up file size is displayed after scaling - Share pictures with other apps - Drag & Drop' to add images und and take results - Possibility to copy images to clipboard - NEW: Save images in specified directory - More image formats supported (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tif) The app is particularly helpful for "Lumia 950 (XL)" users, because pictures have to be mailed at original size by default. *** The free trial includes all features of the paid version and is only constrained by its time limitation. *** Please support the app development by contacting me in case of any occurred errors, improvement suggestions or questions using the following mail address: examos@outlook.com

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