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KidloLand is an award-winning complete learning program for kids with nursery rhymes, educational songs, games, stories, and activities. #1 all in one app, a complete package of education and entertainment. Why KidloLand is best for your child's learning? - Winner of prestigious awards like 'Mom's Choice Gold Award 2016 winner', 'Academics' Choice Smart Media Award 2016 winner' & 'Tillywig Brain Child Award winner'. - Trusted by 470+ Expert Mom Bloggers. - A full collection of classic nursery rhymes. - Interactive & educational songs and stories. - Develops fine motor skills and cognitive thinking. - Sharpens their memory and vocabulary skills. - Enhances creativity & imagination. - Cute and Colorful Illustrations to keeps kids engaged. - Completely Kid-Safe. LEARN ABC: Learn uppercase and lowercase ABC with unique letter songs and cute animations to grab their attention. Learn ABC's easily now. *Letter A Song *Letter B Song *Letter C Song *Letter D Song *Letter a song *Letter b song *Letter c song NURSERY RHYMES: Play fun and engaging nursery rhymes like Old MacDonald had a Farm, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pussy Cat Pussy Cat, Row your Boat and more. Nursery Rhymes always have a great impact on a child's education and learning journey. Experience a delightful journey of both learning & fun with KidloLand. ANIMAL SONGS: Learn different names of the animals with our animal songs and know what voices do they make. *Sheep *Elephant *Hyena *Camel VEHICLE SONGS: With our unique animations and graphics, learn the names of the vehicles very easily. Know more about vehicles with our vehicle songs. Funny animations and sounds make each experience a delight for kids. *Airplane *Boat FRUITS & VEGETABLES SONGS: Teach your kids the importance of fruits and vegetables our fruits & vegetables songs. Perfect for road trips, flights, waiting rooms and more, or just to keep your kids engaged at home *Apple *Pineapple LEARNING GAMES: It is always hard to keep your kids and babies entertained and engaged both at the same time. With our different games and activities, keep them entertained all day long. Chomping Fruits Puzzle *ABC Surprises *Splat the Jelly *Suprise Coloring Shapes *Actor *Archaeologist *Architect ...and other lots of exciting activities!! FUN STORIES: We guarantee you 100% education and 101% fun for your toddler. Your little one will never be bored with our unique stories. *The Ant and the Dove *Baby Don't Cry *Aarby's Day at the Zoo Each day will be different now with our nursery rhymes, songs, games, puzzles, etc. This is just a glimpse of Fun & Education. Want more? Go ahead and Download the full version here: Download the new Free Nursery Songs for Kids and allow your kids to enjoy fun educational land. Features of KidloLand Lite are: >Exciting and upbeat songs that you can sing along with! >Vibrant graphics and cute animations. >Easy to navigate for kids. >Ideal for children under the age of 8. >Completely safe and age-appropriate for kids. >No Ads. We strictly follow no ads policy. Download the full version here:

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