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Life Journal is a beautiful, secure and easy to use journal / diary application. Our customers love Life Journal for its beautiful user interface and amazing features such as: * creating multiple entries per day, * always-on encryption (AES 256 bit) for maximum privacy, * password protection, * ability to store location and weather data with an entry, * attaching an image to your entries, * assigning tags for categorization, * text-to-speech (read your entries aloud), * writing prompts (over 600 included), * writing templates (such as Five Minute Journal) as well as template editor, * powerful search capabilities, * Day One data import * data export to beautifully formatted HTML * periodic reminders to get into a pleasurable and regular writing routine Learn about all the features of Life Journal: http://bitly.com/GetLJ COMPATIBILITY NOTES: - This application will NOT work on Windows 10 S; it WILL work on all other editions of Windows 10 IMPORTANT: We are committed to ensuring that you have a great experience with the app. If you run into any issues with the app or have any questions, please contact us by any of the mechanisms suggested at https://beautifullifeapps.com/blogs/help-and-support/contacting-us.

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Beautiful Life Apps

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Beautiful Life Apps


Beautiful Life Apps

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