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Makeup Spa for girls! Here you can do spa, make up and dress up the elegant girls. You can find lots of beautiful dresses and fantastic decorations. How To Play: Open the game and choose a girl you like most to start the game, then you can do a spa before her makeup. After everything get well prepared, you can dress up your girl with the fashionable dresses, glasses and hair style. Don’t forget to take a photo for them whenever you’re satisfied! Now, please be excited to enjoy your fantastic life! Features: - You can choose a girl to start this game. - You can do spa, make up and dress up the elegant girls - You can always find your favorite from the countless pretty dresses and decorations - We have 3 Show rooms for you and each of them is worth visiting and taking photos - Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send us your feedbacks and suggestions What are you still waiting for? Come to join and start your wonderful journey now, your highness! Hope you like this Make Up Salon.

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