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Get pumped with fast-paced arcade style skateboarding and a deep combo system that will make you eager to score higher and higher! The demo features a detailed tutorial in the Story Mode section, where you will meet some quirky characters and learn how to control your skater. After that, you can hop over to Mission Mode and test out three uniquely themed levels to complete goals and try for some high scores. The Pixel Skater Demo also has a huge list of pre-made skaters to choose from, as well as a highly detailed Custom Skater creator for you to make your own skater! Featured Levels include: 1) Tutorial levels and Warehouse - This is the Story Mode section with various NPCs and an introduction to game play. 2) The Skater of Wall Street - Mission Mode level that takes place in a city. A great starter level to learn some cool lines and get the hang of comboing. 3) The Nightmare Before Skating - A slightly more advanced Mission Mode level that takes place in a Halloween themed town with a spooky castle and graveyards. 4) Skaters of the Galaxy - The most advanced Mission Mode level that takes place in space. This level features a very unique style with anti-gravity tubes for some amazing, yet challenging, combos! All of the levels were created using our highly advanced in-game level editing system. The level editor features over 200,000 editable tiles, over 1,000 objects to choose from, 6 layers to work with (3 background and 3 foreground), and the ability to color tiles and set your own attributes. Plus, several editing features to make the process go smooth and easy. The possibilities are endless! This system is not in the demo version, but will be available to all users in the full game upon release. The Pixel Skater Demo is just a little snippet of what is to come in the upcoming title Pixel Skater, which is slated to release in 2022! We hope you look forward to it!

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Implemented various bug fixes and physics updates. Changed the tutorial section to be more user friendly and updated the story. Also added the ability to create custom skaters.


  • Story Mode Tutorial - Warehouse Level and Introductions
  • Skater Selection - Several unique skaters as well as the custom skater creator
  • Mission Mode - Featuring 3 levels with multiple goals to complete, all levels were made with an in-game level editing system (not in demo version)
  • Deep combo system and precise physics

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