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Don't know what to do with the child? Go to visit friends, acquaintances, relatives who have a young child and don't know what to give? Want to please your baby a new lock screen on the phone or computer? Want your kid could do himself drawing for lock screen? Want to teach your kids to draw and paint pictures? If one of the questions you answer - YES, then this program is for you! POKE-PAINT has two game tasks: 1. You must choose the color of each part of the picture from the three colors offered, so that would be a drawing as on the sample. 2. It is necessary to choose the desired color from the offered palette of colors, so that would be a drawing as on the sample. After completing the tasks the picture can be painted in any favorite colors. After completing a certain number of jobs, you get a reward in the form of access to a new group of pictures or you get a "Magic" palette. The "Magic" palette allows you to change the color of a palette item. The resulting image can be printed, make the lock screen picture, send to friends or relatives. Favorite picture can be mounted on the desktop. This will facilitate access to it a small child.

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Novo u ovoj verziji

Changes from version 1. Minor changes for Windows version 1903. Changes from version 1. "FUNNY FACES" set added. Changes from version 1. Added the ability to print a picture. 2. Added smiley hint for the second game task. Changes from version 1. The program interface has been updated. Changes from version 1. Now in set of "FESTIVE" contains 6 pictures. Changes from version 1. Added the ability to earn points and win prizes! Changes from version 1. It became even more colors for painting. 2. Added support for the Japanese language. Changes from version 1. Mobile platform. Fixed a bug that did not allow to print on a virtual PDF printer. 2. Added set of «ABOUT EVERYTHING». 3. Now in sets of " SEASONS", "TRANSPORT", "MILITARY EQUIPMENT", "CIRCUS", "PETS", "FAIRY TALES" 6 pictures. Changes from version 1. Implemented adaptive live tiles for application 2. After the first purchase is removed advertising 3. Modified algorithms save to file and installation images for lock screen 4. Now all the books you can print for free!


  • Game
  • Paint
  • Source images for the lock screen
  • Number Drawings – 67
  • • Ability to access all pictures for a ordered time period

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SSCellPlay © 2014

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