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++ for a short time free of charge ++ QuoVadis Mobile is your "all-inclusive app" when it comes to navigation, GPS and maps. On-Road, Off-Road, walking, by bike or car, always with you and very easy to use. Includes sharing of live-positions and use of own maps, online or offline. On-Road Navigation: * Quick search for an address and then just go - QVM is guiding you turn-by-turn with clear spoken instructions * Quickest or shortest route, by car or walking * Worldwide * No Internet connection required with offline-vector maps Off-road : * Direction and distance to the destination or along a route * Track traveled is displayed on the map and stored in the database * Navigate along pre-recorded tracks Tracking: * Share your own position with others, see positions of others live right on the map * Ideal in a group if you want to know where the others are * Track SPOT-messages and InReach-tracker * Internet connection required * Send email with your current Location Maps: * Online maps such as OSM, GoogleSat, BingTraffic, Weather etc., extensible * Large selection of offline-vectormap based on OSM available for free download * Any offline maps exported from QuoVadis Data Management: * Management in databases * Clear presentation of large amounts of data * Powerful search function, favorites, recently used * Find tracks online at and OSM-Pois * easy exchange your data between all apps of the QV/QVM-family by email or cloud. * Included DropBox support And much more : * Create routes, record tracks and save new WPs * Info box for additional descriptions and web-links * Import and export of data using GPX-format * Coordinates in WGS84 Lat-Lon or UTM * Weather for current location or any point on the map * Sun- and moonrise, twilight

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