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A reference in the management of identifiers. Simply password is a password manager allowing you to store and manage all your logins and passwords securely, simple and intuitive in an encrypted file using AES encryption that you can find on all your devices under Windows. * easy to use and complete. * free and without ads. * possibility to import and export data. * generator of passwords (configurable). * search for IDs. * create categories and sub categories to store your logins and passwords. * synchronization between your different devices under Windows. * available languages: french, English, Portuguese and Spanish. * tool to encrypt and decrypt any personal files. * ability to access to your identifiers directly with Cortana. * in case you forgot master password recovery option. * password-sharing tool * managing files kwi

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Quentin Delfour

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Copyright © 2017, Quentin Delfour


Quentin Delfour

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English (United States)
Español (España, Alfabetización Internacional)
Français (France)
Português (Brasil)

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