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The STUDENT MANAGER PLUS Universal Edition is a Windows 10 universal application that will keep you on track with your Courses, Tasks and Exams. Timetables can be created and managed in either the Standard Weekly or Rotating Weekly formats. Alerts allow you to never forget your task due dates or upcoming exams, while the Grade Tracker will predict and monitor your grade standing for each course. A daily dashboard view of your workload helps you to plan, execute and achieve your goals. Easy to use, works with a keyboard and mouse, and designed for the Microsoft Windows 10 Touch user interface to give you a great experience. The FREE version of Student Manager Plus Universal Edition allows you to manage up to three courses with unlimited tasks and exams. The FULL version of Student Manager Plus Universal Edition allows you to manage an unlimited number of courses, tasks, exams, events, holidays and to track your grades through the Grade Tracker. We are working on improving Student Manager, so please do let us know what you think about the app and if have any suggestions on improving it, or need any assistance. Thanks very much for your continued support and contributions.

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