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Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the lovers of cat games. Meet talking Lily 2 - your new virtual pet. The new virtual cat, maybe even nicer than Lily is waiting for you. She needs some company, she needs someone who will take care of her and who will love her. If you think that you can do all these things and if you want to have some cute virtual pet, then this talking animal app is right for you. It will be a real pleasure for you to take care of talking cat Lily 2. Here is what you need to do. You must give Lily 2 the food when you see that she is hungry. Then you must bathe her and you must take your virtual pet to the toilet. And, finally you must take her to her special bed and turn off the lights when you see that virtual pet is tired and sleepy. The interesting thing is that this talking cat doesn't have a regular bed. She sleeps in the basket. You can, also, talk to your virtual pet and she will repeat everything that you said with her cute, funny voice. Great fun you will have with virtual pet game. My Talking Cat Lily 2 is a perfect combination of animal games and dress up games and it's perfect for all the people who adore cats and virtual pets. If you don't have an opportunity to have a real cat at home, then this free app is right for you. Now you can take your virtual pet with you everywhere you go. Lily 2 is a girl and she likes to change the clothes. And you will have an opportunity to buy her a new clothes and to make her happy. You must be wondering how to earn coins for clothes. Now we will tell you how. We have prepared a lot of mini games like Clocks, Archer, Cars and more. You should play mini games and you will earn the coins. All mini games are interesting and addictive and you won't be able to decide which one you like the most. So, if you are a fan of talking cat games, this one is right for you. My Talking Lily Cat 2 is a free talking animal game and we hope that it will become a great game for kids. It was made for both girls and boys and we are free to believe that it will become one of the most interesting games for girls, but we, also think that this talking game will become one of the best games for boys. But, not only kids will love this talking game. Also, adults who are fascinated with cats and talking animals will adore talking Lily 2. Cool game is ready. So don't wait any longer, download My Talking Cat Lily 2 now and start playing with your new virtual pet! Start fantastic adventure with talking Lily 2 – your new virtual pet. She is waiting for you!

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  • play with Lily 2 and see what she will do
  • pet her and she will be happy
  • feed Lily 2 when you see that she is hungry
  • bathe your talking cat
  • take your virtual pet to the toilet
  • when you see that she is tired take her to her special bed and turn off the light
  • play mini games in order to earn coins
  • talk to Lily 2 and she will repeat everything you said

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