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Attack to Climb Leap and slash at flowers growing on the vines to propel yourself upward. Chain them together to go fast, but watch your step! Every level is a handcrafted tower with new mechanics being introduced regularly. Attacking flowers grows new procedural vines with leaves to jump on. Carefully balance leaping upward while watching how the vines will grow to plan your ascent. You'll need quick reflexes and even faster wit to reach the top! Find The Prince Travel from tower to tower in search of the missing Prince, braving unique environmental hazards through visually stunning and diverse locations. Follow The Gardener and The Knight as they quest to rescue The Prince in this fairy tale that explores love and all the pain and risks that come with it. Challenge Yourself Need to prove your skill? The game doesn't end after completing the story... Take on levels in Challenge Mode with tougher win-conditions and try to win 3 stars on every level!

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  • 28 Hand-crafted levels with a wide variety of fun mechanics.
  • Challenge Mode for each level that enables additional difficulty.
  • 3-4 hours of gameplay for the main story and another 2-3 hours to 100% all the challenge mode levels. Play times are estimates based on internal playtests and will vary user to user.
  • Short but powerful story about love and all the pains that come with it.
  • Bright and colorful fantasy aesthetic.
  • Mix of 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Find and free all the caged birds.

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Finite Reflection Studios

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THE GARDENER AND THE WILD VINES and all related characters and elements are © Finite Reflection Studios, LLC


Finite Reflection Studios

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Instalirajte na kućnoj konzoli Xbox One i imajte pristup kada ste povezani pomoću Microsoftova računa.

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