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The year 853 a.D. - the dark years. Dive into the mystical world of the Norse gods and Vikings. Use your economic and strategic knowledge and develop your fief to power & wealth. Survive intuitively and imaginatively the hostile climate and protect your people from raids and a different faith. Return successfully to Walhalla and hand over to Thor what he had been looking for for many years. Historically, the Vikings were far more than just brutal warriors, but far superior to the peoples of their time. Out of necessity - their home country Northern Europe was poor and poor - they became brilliant boat builders and seafarers. They sailed all the seas, discovered new coastlines and developed new trade routes. This is where our story of Ulfberth, once marshal in the armies of the great Viking chief Ubba, who conquered large parts of northern England, begins. After a lost battle and a desperate escape across the sea, your ships are destroyed in a storm. Only you survive and are washed up on the barren coast of an island - the dead island of Walhalla. Here you meet the thunder god Thor. Since you are still alive and therefore cannot stay here, Thor will give you a second chance and an assignment. Your escape from Odin's guards brings you to Skullwald - your new fiefdom. In addition to the main scene 'Skullwald' with its detailed simulation of economy, climate and calendar, there are seven new game scenes that you can achieve with increasing experience and experience new adventures: - the Wallhalla fortress - the old castle - the wizarding hut - the old smithy - the Jadghütte - the tavern - the battlefield on Kalstark

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This update is recommended for all Viking Journey 2 players. It contains some minor bug fixes in the gameplay process and new, flexible processes in the login procedure.


  • Hand painted characters with realistic animations
  • Realistic simulation of economics & production
  • Realistic Time & Calendarfunction
  • Realistic Weathersystem
  • High resolution 3D Graphic system

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