Landsec delivers dramatic modern workplace transformation

Landsec, formerly Land Securities, took a radical approach to energising its culture, its physical working environment and the way it used technology to empower its people. As Carissa Kilgour, Workplace Director at Landsec explains, “The commercial goals were to change our mindset to work, improve the speed and quality of work for our customers and showcase our ability to create modern spaces truly fit for the future.”

Landsec has completely reimagined the workplace. It transitioned from a traditional office footprint to activity-based working; creating a variety of spaces for people to work that suits the activity they’re doing at the time. “It’s a huge change; no one has their own desk anymore,” says Laura Jamieson, Head of Internal Communications. “Teams can work in a collaborative huddle. Or take their Surface Pro to a comfy spot. We’ve even got a treadmill desk. People are enabled and trusted to work where they want.”

Each member of Landsec’s 650 staff has their own Surface Pro and there are 29 Surface Hubs stationed throughout the huge open-plan head office. “We can meet and collide on a more dynamic basis and the ideas shared in that moment are captured immediately on the Surface” says Danny Nicholson, Solutions Architect. The business has championed OneNote, OneDrive and Skype for Business as its go-to tools for collaboration. Engagement and productivity have skyrocketed as a result, as Nicholson explains, “OneNote is brought to life by the Surface Pro and people we wouldn’t expect to see working this way are embracing it immediately.”   

The modern space and suite of devices are complimented by seamless WIFI connectivity, meaning staff at Landsec can be much more mobile in their own workplace. “Our suite of Microsoft devices gives us greater freedom and mobility, yet at the same time we know our data and information is secure thanks to Microsoft 365 and Windows 10” says Alex Roth, Chief Information Officer.

The benefits of the change are evident in every aspect of the business. Employee health and wellbeing has reached unprecedented levels and the business is attracting and retaining top talent. Kilgour summarises the project, “Enjoyment, morale and engagement with the business went up the moment we moved into this space and received our new technology. It’s a phenominal result.”



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