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4 200,00 HUF
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Calico is a day-in-the-life community sim game where you are given an important and adorable task: rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! You will journey to a small village filled with magical girls and other fantastical friends, where you are placed in charge of a run down cat café. Build up your café by filling it with cute furniture, fun decorations, yummy pastries, and get it bustling with animals again! Calico is meant to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. The gameplay reflects that with a laid back, low stress creative environment to explore and play in.



  • The Calico character creator will allow players to create their own magical person to experience the world through. There will also be plenty of clothing to choose from and collect throughout the game
  • All animals are interactive!
  • Cafe Decoration!
  • Cooking Minigame!
  • Magic, Potions, Witches!

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Whitethorn Digital

Szerzői jogok

Peachy Keen Games and Whitethorn Digital 2020


Peachy Keen Games

Kiadás dátuma

2020. 12. 15.


3 éves kortól


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