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Plunge towards the depths of a chicken-powered science facility! Chickens Can't Fly is here to give you endless free-falling excitement in a wacky world. REVIEWS "The game’s sense of humor, mixed in with great visuals and tight controls make this an instant classic" "Great Clucking Game!" "Suffice to say this extra competitive element is buttery crust on this already-delicious chicken pie of a game." 80+ FUN LEVELS Fall through all 80+ levels of the game. Avoid meat-grinders in the butchery, pass silently through the scary cemetery, bravely face a battlefield, survive the science lab and dive deep underwater! GROW STRONGER, FALL FURTHER Use over 30 wacky power-ups to make your life easier, or crazy power-downs to make it challenging and rack up huge score multipliers. THEY'RE OUT TO GET YOU Who needs simple obstacles like crates? An army of butchers, witches, ghosts, drones, generals, sharks and evil scientists are all after your feathers. PLAY FOR ETERNITY Test your skills in Survival mode, an endless pit of challenges. The Challenge of the Week lets you show all other players that your Chicken is better than theirs! BE THE BEST CHICKEN Earn 20 achievements and show the world you're the best Chicken in the leaderboards! GOODIES FOR EVERYONE The Chicken Skins and Dojo Laboratory are now available for everyone to play! Happy falling! You should send any feedback or suggestions to contact@amusedsloth.com


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Amused Sloth


Amused Sloth

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2013. 10. 23.

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42,07 MB


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