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Family Spy tracks other people's locations. Simply pair two smartphones, PCs or tablets together using an identification number and you'll always know where the person you're watching is located. You can also assign POIs to each person, such as a school, his workplace, etc. Then you are always up to date when a location is entered or left. You can track locations live on a map or in the background using your POIs and push notifications. Locations are only used to notify your observers. Locations are not further processed, sent to some other third party or used for any other purpose. All people involved can temporarily suspend an observation or completely cancel it at any time. You can use the app as a free trial version for seven days. It allows to observe up to four people at the same time. After trial expiration, you can purchase the app for €0.99 and continue to be watched by as many people as you like. For example, parents can leave this inexpensive version on the devices of their children to track their positions. We kindly request a small contribution from you if you actively want to observe other people (e.g., to cover server costs). This is less than €1.25 per person per year. You can choose between subscriptions for two (€2.49 / year), four (€4.99 / year) and eight people (€9.99 / year). All three subscriptions can be combined so that you can track an even number of two to fourteen people. Each subscription can be cancelled independently at any time. The app (including the trial version) is completely ad-free. The app version for the XBOX is subject to some minor limitations. There are no live tiles, the person lists cannot be sorted by drap and drop and a displayed address can not be directly navigated to from within the app. For further information and questions see https://www.app-tech.org/familyspy-en. We're happy to receive your feedback!


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App Technology

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2017. 12. 27.

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