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Only one sun remains in the known universe. As more distant civilizations rally to the Final Star, it was only a matter of time before a hostile alien race would arrive to seize control. The Final Star Armada, tasked with protecting its people from invading forces - has failed. You're all that remains of the fleet, and only an alliance with the dangerous (and untrustworthy) mercenary guild can get you the upgrades needed to fight off the invading forces. Final Star is a shooter from Dynamic Voltage Games. It features non-linear gameplay with dozens of missions, a deep story, and role-playing style upgrades. You'll travel the vast galaxy completing missions to power yourself up. The action is intense and you'll need to plot your mission course carefully to ensure that your ships are powerful enough to contend with the massive alien fleet.


A verzió újdonságai

Several bug fixes and some minor game balance modifications.


  • Dozens of story and side missions
  • Collect scrap and gold to upgrade your ships permanently
  • Local 2 player co-op mode allows anyone to pick up a controller and join in
  • Craft mods with the Geocrosis minigame device
  • Run at 60 fps with native 1080p resolution on Xbox One, and native 4K resolution on Xbox 1 X

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Dynamic Voltage Games


Dynamic Voltage Games

Kiadás dátuma

2018. 12. 20.

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3,83 GB


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