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Fruits Crush game has an interface nursed carefully, skillful graphics, funny music beautiful effects which have made the most attractive jewel game until now. The entertaining game does not only train your mind but also help you relaxed and truly comfortable. If you indulge in all kinds of diamond games, Fruits Crush game is the top choice which cannot be ignored. The new, creative and attractive style with 300 prospect levels will bring you extremely interesting experiences. Fruits Crush game has a simple mode: ★ You only need touch and arrange 3 same colored jewels to explode the. The faster and the more jewel you arrange, the higher scores you get. ★ The star jewel will appear when you break all obstacles. You take it to the bottom to pass a level. ★ For the game’s obstacles: ✔ Frozen jewels: you rescue them by exploding beside jewels ✔ Locked jewels: you unlock them by exploding themselves ✔ Rock jewels: you explode beside jewels to save them Outstanding features of the Fruits Crush game: ★ Extremely graphics and the smooth mode are suitable for all kinds of mobiles. ★ Time diamonds: they appear by accident which helps you increase time for you in that level ★ Storm diamonds: they help to break all diamonds in one same line ★ Bomb diamonds: they will appear when you break 4 same diamonds. After that you arrange them in the 3 or more same colored diamonds, they will be exploded with others around. ★Witch diamonds: 5 same colored diamonds broken make them appear with super terrible power. They are the strongest ascendancy. They help you break all the same colored diamonds on the screen. You quickly pass the level with those diamonds. Don’t hesitate, install and play right now to enjoy pleasure with the Fruits Crush game. Hope to receive your sincere comments!


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AnoRise Corporation


AnoRise Corporation

Kiadás dátuma

2018. 02. 06.

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13,8 MB


3 éves kortól


Az alkalmazás Microsoft-fiókkal bejelentkezve szerezhető be és telepíthető legfeljebb tíz Windows 10-es eszközre.

Támogatott nyelv

English (United States)

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