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Enjoy Koi Koi, the most famous Japanese hanafuda flower card game variation. Your goal is to match pairs of hanafuda cards to score points by collecting specific card pairs (called yaku). Only 1 yaku is necessary to win the round, but only by risking your win and calling "koi koi", you can earn even more yakus and get bonus score multipliers. Play against the computer in a quick game, or play through the campaign mode and unlock postcards from famous landmarks of Japan. Battle each region's guide to unlock 5 regional postcards. ** Beginner Friendly Games with adjustable difficulty Start the game on the easiest mode and learn the ropes. Play through our tutorial level that explains the game mechanics and scoring system. During the gameplay, you can consult a visual list of cards, as well as all the available yakus. The game can also highlight available matches when it's your turn to play a card from your hand (which can be disabled in the settings). Once you become familiar with hanafuda cards and different yaku combinations, increase the AI difficulty for a challenging and thrilling game against the AI. ** Traditional Japanese Design Our hanafuda cards feature floral and animal designs evoking a sense of "wabi sabi". Combined with traditional Japanese, and modern relaxing music, enjoy the gameplay in an enchanting mood.



  • flower cards
  • hanafuda
  • card battle
  • playing cards
  • koi koi

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