Mechanic Shortcut
Mechanic Shortcut
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1 390,00 HUF
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Unlock the Mechanic Class arsenal The Mechanic Shortcut Kit gives you the edge you need to blow up rides and fix your own on the streets with instant access to all Mechanic weapons and gadgets. Whether you’re new to Battlefield Hardline or just want to make up for lost time, Shortcuts kits help you quickly match-up with your foes by instantly unlocking gear or bonuses that would otherwise be obtained through play. 8 weapons specific to the Mechanic Class: With a full stash of SMGs and secondary weapons, you’ll always have the perfect tool to take down your foes. 4 gadgets specific to the Mechanic Class: • Repair Tool: Handheld oxy-fuel welding and cutting torch that repairs friendly vehicles and damages enemy vehicles and agents. • Sat Phone: Provides a new spawn location for yourself or members of your squad. • Armored Insert: Offers a layer of protection from ballistic damage to the torso, giving the wearer extra time to respond to a threat. • Sabotage: A bomb that can be used to trap vehicles, objectives, and interaction points. Detonates when used by an unsuspecting enemy – look for the blinking light! Can be disarmed by the Repair Tool or shot or exploded. Does not include Syndicate, Expansion Pack, or Promotional offer weapons.

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2015. 04. 28.

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