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Mongolian Empire: Genghis Khan, the most anticipated war strategy game for players around the world, is coming!And the magnificent war is in the palm of your hand!Exquisite game graphics and a diverse gameplay system subvert the traditional SLG model. Full of strategic combat play, very fun development mode.Collect resources, strengthen your own city; make good relations with neighbors; enter the alliance, advance and retreat together! Your army has been lined up in front of the account, and millions of soldiers have been on standby. We invite you to go to this troubled world, to seek the world together, to be the king. Contact Us: Facebook: ----------Game Features---------- Making friends,making strategies Really interpret the rules of survival in the war, the intrigue between the alliances, and fight against the enemy. With diplomacy, I will grow my strength! Take strategy, to be the king! Alliance war is breaking out Attack and occupy the throne and become king.Become a king and lead the entire kingdom. Fighting all the ally of the allies together, smashing those evil enemy forces.Add buffs to allies and heroes, and seal allies and brothers who have fought together.Develop your city, protect your city from foreign enemies, and be a heroic king! National hegemony: strategy is important Recruiting horses and training soldiers. A variety of combat arms, a variety of strategies to play. An invincible million male teacher is formed in front of you, letting you dispatch to fight the world! Territory development: building collection, opening new ground Upgrade and build your city, farms, military camps and hospitals to meet the upcoming fierce battle.Sharpen your war strategy and weapons and stand at the forefront of the storm forever.Create new gear and gain bonuses.Study various technologies in the college to improve combat effectiveness. As a clever emperor, the player builds a city! Raise the cluster, and dominate the world! Built the eternal empire!



  • Break up the Fog wisely to quicker find and to take up more precious resources than other lords.
  • Forge diplomatic and strategic alliances with global players all in real time.
  • Recruit arms, form your own army
  • United allies, vying for the land of others

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Gekko Game

Kiadás dátuma

2018. 12. 28.

Hozzávetőleges méret

275,57 MB


3 éves kortól



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