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Link monsters through hexagonal blocks to save gingerbreads and become a Hero of Ice Tower! New fun missions and features to be explored! Install now! Join the adventure of adorable kids, Bruce, Boo and Namu, to the top of Ice Tower where poor Gingerbread friends are trapped! Let’s save them from bad monsters! ◆ Fun Twist on Classic Match-3 Try something different from classic match-3 you already know! Make a match by linking 3 or more monsters of the same color to each other in 6 directions on the boards composed of hexagons. You can even make cross-connections linking already connected monsters to get Super Bombs at the intersections! ◆ Unique rules of creating Special Bombs Lots of special bombs can be created while playing! Moreover, you can choose the type of the bomb you get! Take advantage of this unique option to create the most beneficial special bombs and build your own strategy to clear missions! Change the direction of the ring by going back and forth! Connect as a line, make a loop, connect already linked monsters - totally different bombs will be made! So many options to be explored, you should definitely try them yourself! ◆ Little helpers will do the work for you Amazing new feature, Snow Bomb, is newly introduced in Ice Slide. Longer links will help you get Snow Bombs attacking your mission target and helping you clear stages easier! Just link monsters near your target and see how Snow Bombs do the job for you! ◆ Advanced Boss Fights Find challenging yet exciting Boss levels behind the big doors as you progress in the tower. Attention, the Boss comes together with its babies, whom you need to attack in order to defeat the Boss! Look for the babies’ claws holding monsters tightly, you need to link as many monsters through those claws as you can to give the babies maximum damage! Ouch! ◆ Play with your friends It’s so much more fun to play with your friends! Connect to Facebook and help each other whenever your friend is in trouble! Compete and see who’s taking the first place! Join now! Bruce, Boo and Namu are eager to start this gingerbread-saving heroic adventure together with you! The real fun starts now! --------------------------------------------- Ice Slide is completely free to download and play, but some in-game items may need to be purchased. --------------------------------------------- Visit our official homepage for more information: Like us on Facebook for the latest news: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:


A verzió újdonságai

- Added a new Episode(#50) including 25 stages(#1126~#1150) - Fixed minor bugs and improved overall stability


  • Unique match game play by drawing lines to link Monster tiles
  • Free to play with lots of bonus coins and birthday gift!
  • Receive free coins from every stage you beat, and use them for special weapons and lives
  • Items and coins purchases are available as you need
  • Various missions and monster blockers offered and will be added to work out your brain
  • 300 stages offered, and more added every week
  • Pick your favorite avatar hero from the selection of adorable kids
  • Achieve different goals, and receive worthwhile badges into your collection

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PlayDog Soft Inc.

Kiadás dátuma

2017. 10. 19.

Hozzávetőleges méret

166,86 MB


3 éves kortól


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English (United States)

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