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Play the hit Indie arcade speedrunner oOo: Ascension now on XboxOne! Navigate your ship through short but ferociously difficult levels in the shortest time possible without touching any walls, spinning blades, lasers or countless other hazards that will try to destroy you in the process. oOo: Ascension revisits the ramping difficulty of old-school arcade games, whereby each challenge CAN be completed in a matter of seconds - however doing so ranges in difficulty from hard to straight-up rage-inducing. The unique neon visuals and electronic soundtrack help to make oOo: Ascension an immersive experience that will have you saying "just one more shot..." for hours on end. Play in single player mode across 90 levels or race against a friend in local splitscreen mode - your progress carries across the two modes!



  • A lightning-paced test of reflexes and skill across 90 levels split into 9 Sectors, each with it's own unique challenges and visual style
  • Local Co-op mode - race with (or against) a friend!
  • Stunning neon visuals and immersive electronic soundtrack
  • Ghosts allow you to see your fastest time for each level, or last attempt if you haven't completed it yet

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Extra Mile Studios

Szerzői jogok

(c) Extra Mile Studios 2018


Kenny Creanor

Kiadás dátuma

2018. 05. 25.

Hozzávetőleges méret

302,25 MB


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