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700,00 HUF
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Pixel Driver is a casual infinite driving game where you race in heavy traffic at high speeds. Crashing into cars is AWESOME since they actually break up into parts which let's you cause proper havoc! Fluent and responsive controls let you dodge other cars at amazing speeds. Pick up coins to unlock new cars and make sure you don't run out of fuel. In our opinion this is a great way to learn how to drive :o) Prove that you are the #1 driver in the world by reaching the top position in the hall of fame. FEATURES ☆ 1 day free trial, price will increase with each new release ☆ Super responsive controls ☆ 2 stages: Desert Cruising & City Madness (more will come in the future) ☆ Endless desert stage with 4 lanes. ☆ Endless city stage with 4 lanes and opposing traffic. ☆ 4 unlockable cars (more will come in the future) ☆ Online leaderboard ☆ Retro low poly style ☆ Supports keyboard, gamepad, joystick or accelerometer input ☆ Cross-platform, works on Xbox One, PC and mobile devices (Windows Mobile & Android, iOS is planned) EARLY ACCESS The game is in EARLY ACCESS which means it's still in development and we want feedback from you in which direction the game should be developed. The game has a generous free trial but if you like it please buy it so we can put even more resources into making the game even more AWESOME. TRY IT NOW!


A verzió újdonságai

v0.8.9 * Improved: Increased max speed with 60% on each car. Now the fastest car is really fast! * Improved: Car handling, steering & braking. * Fixed Bug: When starting the first time the language selector is shown before the Xbox One Login screen which causes problems. * Fixed bug: If review question is asked on startup then when select any option it starts the first stage. * Fixed Bug: If a user views a car without selecting it the stats for that car will be shown next time the user enters the garage.


  • 1 day free trial
  • 4 unlockable cars
  • Online Leaderboard
  • Fast Arcade racing
  • Endless/Infinite driving
  • Retro style

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Casual Games FK AB

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Copyright 2017 Casual Games FK AB



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2017. 10. 16.

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82,74 MB


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