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The enemy step by step to win, step by step toward your castle, they peep into your land, wealth and your crown! We need a brave king to guide us, build a mighty army, and defeat the enemy! Many thanks for being with us over the year past! Official Promise:This game will keep running at least for 3 years! The game is global real-time battle, no boundary, worldwide synchronization and you will battle with global players. Contact Us: Facebook: Friendly tips: The guest account will save the account and password in the form of picture. Players who log in through the guest account can find the picture in the following path of your computer: My Computer > Pictures. ★★★★★ Alliance ★★★★★ - Establish strategic alliances with global players for real-time diplomacy. - Make friends, chat, and fight in real time with players from all over the world. - Alliance chat, one-on-one chat, and chat with the world. ★★★★★ City Pool ★★★★★ - Upgrade and build your city, farms, military camps and hospitals to meet the upcoming fierce battle. - Sharpen your war strategy and weapons and stand at the forefront of the storm forever. - Create new gear and gain bonuses. - Study various technologies in the college to improve combat effectiveness. ★★★★★ Throne Wars ★★★★★ - Attack and occupy the throne and become king. - Become a king and lead the entire kingdom. Fighting all the ally of the allies together, smashing those evil enemy forces. - Add buffs to allies and heroes, and seal allies and brothers who have fought together. - Develop your city, protect your city from foreign enemies, and be a heroic king! ★★★★★ European Medieval Visual ★★★★★ - A mysterious and chaotic European medieval era spanning the millennium, together we unravel the fog of the Middle Ages, immerse ourselves in it, and feel the mysterious chaos of the Middle Ages. - Day and night modes, adapted to local time. - Real-time battle (animation), the army is surrounded by the city, the soldiers are under the city, the immediate effect is amazing. - A mysterious and magical European medieval world shrouded in the fog, waiting for you to unravel her veil. - Black knights, gnomes, dragon warriors, poisonous scorpions and more that you have never heard of, incredible creatures will appear on the battlefield, just waiting for you to unlock them.


A verzió újdonságai

Version 2.1.3 Update 1. Alliance Technology Update 2. Rewards Box can choose 3. One-button synthesis and decomposition materials 4. Equipment system expansion 5. Add new champion gems 6. Optimize the difficulty and drop rewards of the barbarian camp


  • Cross-platform, global server
  • Challenge dragon BOSS
  • Recruit arms, form your own army
  • United allies, vying for the land of others
  • Limited development resources, Territory determines development potential

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Mutilen Games

Kiadás dátuma

2018. 11. 28.

Hozzávetőleges méret

241,71 MB


7 éves kortól



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