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Drive a big tourist bus in snowy city and off road for transporting passengers and tourists from city to snowy hills and mountains. The deep snow in the winters has made it difficult for people to move around and tourists are also planning skiing trips and you have to transport the passengers and ski gear to offroad deep snow mountain tracks. Drive the snow tourist bus and pick n drop the passengers. You also have to pick the tourists from snowy hill resorts to city. Deep snow has made it very difficult & dangerous to drive on the narrow roads of the city and off road tracks have become even more risky. Make sure you don't hit the traffic and people on the road as it is really cold due to snow blizzards and the roads have become narrower. Snowy Bus Drive is a challenging game testing driving skills in risky and dangerous conditions and difficult paths. Hill drivers are really experts in cutting those hilly corners and curves but snow adds to the risk and challenge. Tourists in the mountain top resorts are depending for their survival on you so that they can reach the city safe and sound. Be the best snow bus driver on city and off-road conditions. Use the controls to accelerate and brake according to the conditions. Drive carefully and make sure you can see your way in the snow and control the bus on the skiddy ice. It is like a thin sheet of glass on the roads. Everything is covered in snow from the hill tops & mountain to roads to houses to hotels. The met department has reported that the snow storm is likely to keep at this pace for many days to come and people cannot use their cars to travel in this weather. Since you are one of the only few bus drivers providing the transport services in these tough hilly conditions on off-road and city roads, you have to be fast and rush to your destination to pick as many passengers as possible. People are depending upon you to reach their homes for Christmas and New Year. You are an expert snow driver who can make all this happen. You have multiple game play missions in hilly off road conditions to complete so be ready for the kicks and excitement. Just launch into the game and drive away and you have to make sure you are driving safe. You will experience both city and off-road environment and view many scenic views of mountains and hills while you are driving in the snowy conditions. Drive the extreme snow bus drive away! We hope you enjoy the game. Your comments & ratings are welcome and will help us in creating even better games for you.



  • Real snow tourist bus driving experience
  • Explore city and hilly off-road environments with heavy snow
  • Real snow fall simulated driving
  • Smooth controls, acceleration and braking
  • Multiple snow transport missions
  • Amazing 3D graphics and sounds

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AppStream Studios

Szerzői jogok

2016 AppStream Studios


AppStream Studios

Kiadás dátuma

2015. 12. 04.

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39,67 MB


3 éves kortól



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English (United States)

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