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UPDATE 2.2.0 - Minor update - User interface fixes UPDATE 2.0.0 - Mandatory update to use the new cloud server on multiplayer games - Some improvements on the cards update system ---------- Are you ready for the final battle to defend your reign? In an ancient era, the most feared fighter was The Summoner: a warrior who mastered the summoning arts to call powerful creatures to fight along his side. Join the battle in this CCG (Collectible Card Game) with a simplified but deep and quick gameplay, with some RPG elements such as character levelling and deck improvements. Featuring: - 3 heroes, each one with a different attributes set - 30 enemies with unique skills! - Over 60 cards with various effects: summon, damage, cure, poison and so - 15+ creatures to summon on your side - Global Leaderboards shared with Android users - Online competitive multiplayer with levelling and rankings - Deck customization - And much much more *** Tired of ADs? *** Check out Summoner Call Unleashed! Get 3 more cards, higher multiplayer limits and no more ADs! Thanks to everybody for your support! If you have a problem, feel free to send an e-mail.


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Nex Game Studios


Nex Game Studios

Kiadás dátuma

2012. 05. 05.

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22,45 MB


3 éves kortól


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English (United States)

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