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[IGN Review]: “Tactical Monsters is a hex grid, turn based strategy game where ghost, ghouls and everything in between come to blows in fast-paced action.” [Gameranx Review]: “IT’S JUST DAMN GOOD. Once you spend some time building a deck, it’s really worth it. The [PVP] matches becomes intense. They only last a few minutes but they feel very action oriented despite being turn-based.” [Alpha Beta Gamer Review]: “...bite sized turn based arena combat that can really suck you in.” =GAME SUMMARY= Experience the rush of 3-5 minute strategy battles in the world of Tactical Monsters comprised of monsters from all corners of the world. Whether you are competitive in real life or virtual reality, this is the ultimate competition game for you! =GAMEPLAY GENRE= Form the most monstrous team and conquer the real-time multiplayer gameplay. Outsmart and destroy your opponents by strategically positioning your monsters before battle and tactically controlling their actions in battle. This is a turn-based, hex grid tactics gameplay with monsters from all time and space. From Franky the Frankenstein, to fantasy monsters like Medusa and Griffin, to culturally established creatures like WuKong and the Mummy, to monsters you’ve never seen before such as Bigfoot and Nobu the ghost samurai. Each monster have their own unique background and jobs. Each monsters have unique skills such as magic skills, physical skills, or even world-ending skills like the nuclear warhead from Dr. Walter’s Mecha Machine. =SOCIAL INTERACTIONS= Play tactics with your friends in 1 on 1 virtual battles, form a clan to trade cards. Exchange tactical knowledge with players worldwide in the world chat and clan chat. Build your own clan defenses to fend off the enemy raiders and be the #1 clan in the world! =PLEASE NOTE= Tactical Monsters is strategy tactics game that is completely free to download and play. However, some optional game items can also be purchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings. An internet connection is also required. =FEATURES= - Battle through Adventure Mode to recruit unique monsters. - Upgrade the monsters to unlock ridiculous monstrous and destructive skills - Endure through the Guerrilla Warfare Mode (Survival Mode) to defeat the never-ending BOSSES. - Sharpen your tactics by visiting Training Grounds. - Duel players in real time live PVP to take their thrones and claim the world treasure chest. - Set your optimal defense formations and layouts in Mine Defense. - Ally with your clan mates to chat strategy, to share cards and be the #1 clan in your country - Discover free items, rewards and monsters. - You might like this game if you like to like turn-based games, strategy games, hero growth and heroes collection games, RPG games, TRPG games, games similar to western chess, Chinese chess, war chess. This tactics game is also similar to other turn-based hex grid or hexagonal games. =SUPPORT= Email us at Follow us on Facebook to get news, updates: Twitter: @TacticalMons Join our Discord channel to chat strategy: *Get 500 FREE gems by joining our Discord group and entering your player ID in the #newbies_free_gems channel *Tactical Monsters is fully developed, owned and operated by Camex Games. *Camex Games partnered with Lemix Games to bring you some of your favorite characters from Monster Castle.


A verzió újdonságai

1.16.4 Happy Year of the Rat! -New Monster: Elvis Elvis' company has successfully become listed for public offering! Overnight, he became Southend's richest entrepreneur. At the annual meeting, behind the roar of an audience in tens of thousands, Elvis rocked a handsome punk outfit and guitar. And in that moment, it didn't matter if he could sing or not, as he was going to make it rain on stage! -Gladiator Arena: balancing adjustments have been made! -Gladiator Arena: rewards are now based on the number of trophies. -Gladiator Arena: rewards may now be claimed as soon as the season ends. -[Bug Fix] The correct ranking should now be properly displayed when switching between ranking tabs. -[Bug Fix] Bigfoot's passive skill should now remove the debuff from Wujing's passive skill. -[Bug Fix] Clan Expedition scoring should now be calculated correctly if the battle exceeds the maximum number of allowed turns. -[Bug Fix] When Thumper transforms into enraged form, the debuff from Elsa's ultimate skill should now be removed.

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Camex Games

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2018. 05. 22.

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463,57 MB


3 éves kortól


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