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3 500,00 HUF
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Templar Battleforce is an addictive mix of strategic combat and army building with the precision gameplay of RPGs. Step into a Leviathan mech and lead the Templar Knights in battle against fierce Xenos. Create your own unique Battleforce by recruiting an array of Templar specialists -- and invent distinct strategies for your fireteams. Deploy your forces in tactical scenarios that challenge both novice and veteran alike. Put your best strategies to the test and see if you can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in this futuristic turn-based wargame. Armored in the Leviathan battle mechs, your mighty Templars will face hordes of terrifying Xenos, rogue human factions, and the ancient Narvidian threat. Slash and blast your way across a deep and deadly sci-fi universe -- waging war with cunning Scouts, righteous Soldiers, flamethrowing Hydras, specialized Engineers, deadly Sentry Turrets, and the indomitable Berserks. Lead your squad as they blast, hack, and burn their way through the galaxy! Command your Templars in turn-based tactical warfare across 55+ unique scenarios - Face diverse challenges in every deployment: corridor-to-corridor, open desert warfare, territory control (capturing tactical points), defensive last stands, scorched-earth retreats, infiltration deep behind enemy lines, and complex puzzles - Lead your squad in battle against immense and mighty bosses - Immerse yourself in a branching sci-fi storyline and explore a vast sci-fi lore - Deploy specialist Templars and discover unique fireteam combinations with stealth, grenades, defensive overwatch, scorching flamethrowers, hindering attacks, and sentry turrets - Face 25+ diverse enemy units: the Xeno, the Narvidians, and rogue human factions - Build your unique battleforce with exacting precision, recruit and design every squad member - Customize the appearance, armor design, talents, and equipment of your veteran Templars - Endless combinations of squads, soldiery, and tactics will keep you coming back for more! - Replay the campaign with your victorious squad in a New Game+ mode


A verzió újdonságai

v2.6.39 - Grenade Talents can target empty ground squares - vae victus, Templar! - Shield Rebalance: improved Carapace Shield renamed to Orion - Shield Rebalance: reduced Defender Shield Auto-Block to 26% - Paladin Nyra Ridaan carries the Renonwn Kit Relic to battle - Major Luthor carries the Bearheart Tact Relic to battle - endless counters - Fixed combat log reporting incorrect Attribute on ranged weapon attack - Hive Mind boss now correctly invulnerable to flames

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Trese Brothers

Kiadás dátuma

2017. 11. 01.

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162,71 MB


12 éves kortól



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