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The Sims Mobile Guide by GuideWorlds.com now Windows Store! This is not a game. Just Guide. Category: ---Game Guide ***Starting tips Is it worth watching ads? How to recover energy Is it worth undertaking Risk Actions? How to level quickly How to quickly develop stories Can a Sim die? How does retirement look like? How to obtain and collect Heirlooms? How to improve lifestyle? How does a Heirloom Store work? How to unlock the piano? Tips & Tricks Cheats How to have a child? ---Missions, events, careers and hobbies Tasks and missions Events Relationships stories Hobby Career Special Events Parties Hosting Parties Sibling Rivalry and Better Late than Never How to become a photographer? Waterfront ---Creating and developing a Sim Basics Name, age and sex Head Silhouette and skin Traits ---The Sim's House Basic tips Build mode Featured and Storage Furniture ---The life of a Sim Age The Wedding Moving Out Playing with more than one sim ---Money and tickets The money Tickets ---Playing with the others How to recognize others' sims? Stickers, visits and bonuses ---Style Basics Buying clothes and other stuff... Izzy's Fashion Shop ---Appendix Controls & System requirements


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