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Sharks are the ultimate, dangerous, horrific and terrifying creatures underwater. The great white shark is Hungary and attacks its prey in an instant without letting them giving a second chance or survival. Crush everything with your powerful monster shark jaws and create a rampage evolution. Play as a furious shark and show no mercy. Chase your pray, attack and grab it in the Jaws might to kill instantly. Become the killer shark of the seas and munch on scared humans. Sharks have evolved themelves so thatthey can tear apart Their victim whenthey are hungry or angry, At Their powerful jaws and be deadly wrath and the lords of the seas. Control and play your part as an Ultimate Angry Hungry Shark in this action packed adventure aquatic simulator game. Looking to experience the underwater thrills, then you have come to the right place! Swim around and rule the seas like a fierce shark. Survive as a hungry shark angry and eat Everything that comes in your way. Become a brutal killer angry white shark jaws and hunt to Survive. The shark hunters are all about to catch the sharks for shark finnish do not let them catch you. Beware of the other sea creatures and sharks mermaid. Sea lions are dangerous and walrus can tear you apart in the dogfight. Kill and destroy whatever comes in between your way in this horrific shark underwater adventure simulator and keep the killing spree going. Bring out the carnivore inside you and unleash it with this ultimate hungry and angry shark simulator. Give the swimmers and fishermen an adrenaline rush spine once the angry shark is sighted. Sharks are the ultimate underwater hunters and keep searching for Their prey to devour. Show absolutely NO MERCY and Become the wildest and hungriest angry shark ever. Experience the aquatic life as an underwater deadly predator sniffing blood angry white shark in this ultimate angry shark shark simulator 3D 2016 game, always terrifying, angry and hungry bloodthirsty scavenger looking for prey for Their evolution. Crash and destroy the boats, trawlers, ships, cruises and oil tankers with your scary jaws & wide mouth, as you are a real ultimate monster angry hungry shark. Kill the beach lovers Because blood is Necessary for the shark evolution in this shark games with aquatic adventure. Be the monster shark that love the bloodshed and violence, Play your role as the best 3D angry shark simulator and Become a ferocious hungry angry attacking SHARK to kill ruthlessly. This mighty ultimate angry shark beast is out to eat bulk or fish and lots of human. Dive down to the depths of the ocean and search for food, lots of divers are there, you have to fight your way withother killer sharks and killer whales, eat and attack dolphins and other shoal of fishes and sharks as well clench your hunger by attacking and eating scuba divers and swimmers near the shores. Jump to the surface and attack horrific show your presence to the people enjoying on the beach, riding jet skis, rowing boats and swimming in warm waters. Beware of the shark shooters axis They are on high alert to take the best shot kill ash They see any ultimate angry hungry shark near the shores. Ultimate Angry Shark 3D Simulator 2016 brings to you a spine chilling deadly and addictive gameplay experience and sink your teeth into! Attack and be a deadly killer underwater with your powerful shark jaws in this ultra-realistic survival shark attack game, you will hunt and eat everything from sea animals to humans enjoying shallows near the shores, now nothing can escape from your might shark jaws. Ultimate Angry Shark 3D simulator HAS smooth and easy to control shark navigation That Allows you to control your angry sea monster shark beast effortlessly and kill easily. Keep killing and never stop eating.


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Lingo Games


Lingo Games

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2016. 10. 10.

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42,75 MB


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English (United States)

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