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350,00 HUF
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WP-Rex - is the 'endless runner' game. And it is NOT a T-rex-like game, but the most precisely ported Chromium Easter-Egg game (as of 2017-01-01). But wait! You can choose by yourself play mobile-like mode with one-hand, or desktop-like mode with virtual buttons AND ability to Duck! Moreover, it is NOT so trivial - there are not only cactuses here, but also pterodactyls (just reach about 500 point to see them)! After about 700 points you will see the Night with the Moon and stars! Check this game also with the HALLOWEEN THEME - pumpkins, spiders and tombs are coming! Do not forget to try KUMAMON THEME - with Kumamon bear - a mascot created by the government of Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan. WP-Rex... No Ads. No In App Purchases. Just $0.99. WP-Rex is App of The Day on myAppFree don't miss your daily deals with myAppFree application.


A verzió újdonságai removed "help" button on language selection screen: since mid summer 2019 Microsoft will stop distributing app updates to Windows Phone 8.x or earlier devices. so no other languages and improvements can be added. translation to Spanish language (thanks to Isa) translation to Portuguese language (thanks to Manoel Henrique) "back"-button in the top left corner (in addition to the standard hardware/on-screen "back" button); actual Lunar Phase in the Menu; fixed bugs. translation to Romanian language (thanks to Brebenel Silviu (Eduard Silviu)) translation to French language (thanks to Antoine A.) added Night with the Moon and stars (just reach about 700 point to see it) the game is ready to be localized! and you could help with it! UI adjustment fixed bugs now you can share your HI-Score with friends! also your achievement is stored between game launches. HALLOWEEN THEME is added! Pumpkins, spiders and tombs are coming!


  • pixel art
  • endless runner
  • precisely ported Chromium Easter-Egg game T-Rex

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2015. 10. 12.

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