2 990,00 HUF
2 990,00 HUF
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《Your Toy》is a 3D first person adventure puzzle game. Do you remember your childhood toy? Where they are? They were your friend, ever, but can you imagine how they will be your nightmare for now? When awake from darkness, you found you were trapped in a place where had disappeared. Then, messages coming again and again, the mystery and conspiracy luring you step into depths. What was starring you behind the non-existent reality? Now, the one who has injured come back! Guess who will be played this time? Masterpiece of escaping game! 《Your Toy》advanced in puzzle system which will not repeat in new game progress. We also designed much challenging puzzle, also tell a background story of game. You can experience special story of the game by collect item pieces. Will you ready to into Nightmare?


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E-Home Entertainment Development Company Ltd.



Kiadás dátuma

2018. 08. 09.


12 éves kortól


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