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Zenkit To Do is a super-simple task manager that helps you work productively and collaborate with anyone. It lets you organize your tasks, shopping lists, meetings, events, trips, ideas, notes, places, and whatever else is important to you. You can create lists and share tasks with your team members, family, and friends. To Do synchronizes everything between all your devices so you can access your lists wherever you are, even offline. ---------- Zenkit To Do is part of the Zenkit product family. Zenkit has won several awards and is celebrated in Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, and The Next Web, to name but a few. ---------- Organize • Create any lists you need and use them on your phone, tablet, and computer simultaneously. • Add images, PDFs, presentations, photos, links, and other documents to your tasks. • Set reminders so you never miss an important date. • Use folders to help you organize your lists. Collaboration • Share lists with team members, friends, and family. • Or share whole folders to make sure everyone has the lists they need. • Comment on tasks to keep your chats in context. • @mention other users to contact them directly. • Assign tasks so everyone knows what they need to do. • See everything you need to work on in the “Assigned to Me” list. Use Anywhere, Safely • All content is automatically synchronized across all of your devices. • All content is available offline, so you can continue working without the internet. • Your content belongs to YOU. • Data privacy and protection is central to us. • 2FA login protects your account. • Our servers are located in Germany. The Zenkit Universe • To Do works seamlessly with the original Zenkit app and other Zenkit products. This means you can also access your tasks on a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or with a mind map. Stay tuned! • Additional custom fields and references to other objects such as customers etc. are possible through the Zenkit app.


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