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Download Manager Kit is set to be a light weight http/https/ftp protocols internet download manager app running on Windows Universal Platform, which includes Windows 10 PC, Tablet, Mobile and Xbox. With a simple interface you can save your downloaded files and manage your downloading queue list very easy without going to browsers to find where your downloaded files have been saved. With great in-app browser support, it can detect download links in the webpage. And you can download it with a simple click. On PC, you can add a scheduler to decide when to start and stop downloading queue at specific time. And choose whether open the file, folder or close the app after finishing downloads. (This feature does not available on Mobile and other platforms) The app is completely and permanently free on every Windows Devices. With couple months of testing, it finally drops the beta. furthermore the app supports accessibility. But it doesn't stop the app from adding feature. More features and bug fixes coming in future updates. Important: Please verify the legitimacy of the website you are typing within the app.

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