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Can you beat the heroic dungeons? Take on the challenge now, and download Epic Heroes for Free! Build the strongest party, form allies, and become an Epic Hero of the Raid! Love WoW? Love Cards? Do you like to laugh at other people's misfortune? This is the game for you! ""I love this game!"" - Anonymous reviewer that may be the lead developer on the game who is relying on this for a bonus this year. ""This game is not the worst game I've ever played!"" - A user tester that played the game and was paid in free microwave burritos. ""This game bankrupted my family and my wife left me."" - That sucks for this guy, but is awesome for us, the makers of this game. There is a group of the strongest, most elite Raiders for the most impossible dungeons. These guys are not in that group. You are a noob taking on the first dungeons and aspiring to be the leaders of the Raid. Battle your way through the ridiculous and hilarious adventures of Epic Heroes! Only you can make take these zeroes and make them heroes of the Raid. EXCITING BATTLE CARD ACTION! No thumb breaking inaccurate twitch controls! Strategic and fun Card Based gameplay! Can you fight your way through the Elite and Epic dungeons? COLLECT RARE CARDS! Battle your way through dungeons and get phat lootz and rare cards! EVOLVE THEM TO EPICS! Level up and combine cards to create the most powerful raiding party in history! PVP AND EVENTS Challenge other players and take part in regular exciting events!

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What's New in Version 4.6.3 Add Chinese Language Option

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