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Join millions of players ALSO ON YOUR PC. Play on your phone, and keep on growing your empire in HD on your PC. Take control of your state and expand it into a mighty empire! Recruit soldiers and command huge armies into epic battles and crush all those who oppose you! Create your own royal dynasty and use it to govern your provinces and to lead your troops into battle! Make friends, join alliances and become the Lord of the entire medieval realm now! Imperia Online is а massively multiplayer online game (ММО), set in the times before gunpowder was invented. These are the times, when the peace is ensured on the edge of the cold steel blade, the heavy cavalry and the archers with long bows. ----- Check out for more games about to be released! ----- ** PLEASE NOTE: "Imperia Online: The Great People" is completely free to play but has optional in-game purchases. In-app purchases can be disabled through your device settings.

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V6.1.3.0 Update Features: • Precisely select the units you move between holdings. Just use the new tab named "Assemble" located in the Move screen of the Command centre. • Tap on the Imperial roads or Trade routes when you open their screens. This will load the holding in which the road or route is. • Go to a previously scouted NPC via the Espionage screen. To do so tap on the "Show on map" button in your mission list. V6.1.2.9 Update Features: • Acts of Ruling is now replaced with Faye's Gifts. This is a simpler way of getting rewards for dedicated players. • Improvements on performance and some bug fixes. V6.1.2.8 Update Features: • Nomads Invasion - a brand new type of tournament realm. Once the realm is open for registrations you will see its widget in your empire's capital. • Army templates - create and manage your templates via the new option in the Command Center. Use the templates to start your Attack missions faster! • Governments expansion - you will be able to select additional effects for the Government type you're currently using. • Items transfer - transfer not only your diamonds but your items between realms as well. • Tiered Academies - the Civil and Military academies now have tiers. Start researches in a higher tier to complete it faster.


  • Xbox achievements
  • Epic Boss Battles!
  • Great tournaments system with great rewards!
  • Items for boosting your battle performance and much more!
  • Easy swipe navigation through your great people
  • Free gifts!

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