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Absolutely free. No ads. No IAPs. Please, support me by following & checking out other games. Thank you! | | Get your hooves ready, kung-fu piglet - it's time to kick some wolf snout! Fight off your enemies to prove that you’re not another slice of bacon in the pan! Plenty of action moves are available to help you in this glorious clash of piglet versus wolf. Tap and swipe the screen of your device to punch, uppercut, kick, jump, split-kick, flip, duck, slam, catch, grab and throw. In a battle like this, anything goes. Stand like the brave pig you are, snout-to-snout against evil creatures like axe-wielding wolves, deadly-pogo-jumpers, wolves trying to crash a firework into your pink tail or annoying mini-wolves. Use your enemies’ weapons against them to turn the tide of battle. Beat as many enemies as you can, but make sure to fight more wolves than your friends. Be the super-awesome-ninja-kung-fu piglet they look up to. Features: * Endless fast-paced action-packed hoof-based combat * Fighting combos you've only seen in the movies * Super easy and hyper-responsive touch controls (no buttons!) * Piglet as the main character (always a huge bonus!) * Charming cartoony graphics * Use enemy weapon as your weapon * Use enemy as your weapon * Use enemy parts as your weapon * Use your hooves as the deadliest weapon of all So, do you have what it takes? Get your snout out of that swill and jump into the fight!

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