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Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture Game 2016 is a match-3 puzzle game with fresh gameplay! Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture is a completely new design, which is a combination of stunning visuals and effects inherent shimmering Jewels game, along with incredibly innovative gameplay over 300 levels of appeal. Since 2016 Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture attractive? - Over 300 lever diversified play, tied with beautiful natural scenery - beautiful graphics, good looking interface, fun sound effects - multicolor identity, seen as increasingly attractive play - More special jewels : jewels time, jewels diamond, jewels witch .... App Advice review: - By playing this game you will find yourself in a virtual dimension, hopelessly addicted to the colorful jewels and blasting special effects. It is a simple but extremely fun match-3 game. How To Play Game Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture: - Swap jewels to match 3 or more in a line to remove them and background. - Play until transparency, a special Jewels star will appear on the top line. - Pull the special Jewels star down to bottom line to pass the level. - Ratings of 3 or more same colored diamonds or horizontal straight line - You eat as fast as many jewels as quickly past the door - For jewels locked, freezes , petrified you next pellet to destroy them - Destroy all the obstacles will appear jewels star, jewels star put down the last row, you win. Features Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture: - Arcade Mode, pull Jewels down to bottom line to pass level. - Classsic Mode, mining diamond until the end of time. - More than 300 levels in the game - Match 4 jewels get a Bomb Jewel. - Match 5 jewels get a Special Jewel. - Each 40 jewels falled will have a Lightning Jewel or a Timing Jewel. - Bomb Jewel will eliminate 9 jewels around. - Special Jewel will eliminate to all jewel same color. - Timing Jewel will get bonus time. - Lightning Jewel will eliminate jewels in one row or column. - The time prop,the bomb prop and the hammer prop are collected and remained to the next level. - More easy to gather energy. - Share with your friends. We try our best to design the most interesting games,but there must be some place not good enough.If you have any suggestions please tell us.Your 5-star reviews or comments or suggestions of improved, is the best support for us.Very Thank you! Wish you have moments of relax really comfortable with the Jewels Legend Jewel Advanture in 2016.

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